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This is a great build. Now Im not so familiar with the specific anime title but dont worry, this build will take you through the game easily and not a show-off.
Basically the chosen gear and weapons are do not benefit from generic stats, they benefit from SPIRIT aka your animal spirit. The higher your spirit it scales better with your survival and attack power. Instead of going STA and DEX-SKILL-STR you can simply go SPIRIT with this and can still own anything around.

And dont forget that if your having trouble, you can always just strap a bunch of SLOTH talismans for bosses. It turns everything into a total kid-mode yet still, you can beat the game that way for storyline.
Where does gyousha's apparel, drops? :)
"The weapon that goes with his set the dual swords Tsuruga Masamune & Hocho Toshiro have Skill Life Drain, when you do damage with a skill attack the base damage is returned to you as health."

Am I missing something? The swords don't have skill life drain at all. Did they get patched?
OH MY **** GOD
Someone who actually has the sense to include the stats needed not just "uhhh main stat" and "??" or "any durr hurr"
Holy ****. Give this man a prize.
As a player who has tried this build + has seen the anime I can confirm this: 1. Works pretty well, even more so with kogarasu-maru & Nuke-maru. 2. It does resemble the armors of the twin star exorcists a bit (beside the gloves with long spikes/nails). My personal recommendation for anyone looking to use this build is: You can equip 2 dual swords, being the set ones and the Koga/nuke. I recommend this setup until you find the magatama that reduces the items needed for set bonuses by 1 (which then you want to stay with kogarasu/nuke since they are way superior than the set swords. A must have skill to make your life easier all around with this build is the dual swords kick attack, useful against yokai and the follow up strike is even stronger (and does deplete a lot of ki/yokai energy) I think the 6 set piece is not entirely neccesary, but the 5 set bonus is a really nice addition. If you add in the magatama I just mentioned above, you can try to get one of the light armors that scales with magic/spirit on defense. This is useful for the rest of the normal game, but later you will want to dodge more than rely on getting saved by extra defense (since this won't work most of the times). Another really strong weapon you can use is the Kusanagi Tsurugi; this katana has an A scaling with spirit (even strnger than kogarasu/nuke) and depending on ur approach to the build (katana or dual) this could be a must have if you feel more comfortable on the katana's area. A nice secondary guardian to pair with the phoenix is the fire wolf (kato), this is unlocked after you finish the normal mode thou so don't mind this part if you haven't done that. Last but not least, don't forget that if you got onmyo points to spare you can always try getting the 2nd tier attack talismans of each element (the strng ones who are not "element"-shot); these can be really helpful to afflict an enemy with confusion (example: Thunderbolt + guardian talisman from suzaku). Getting more "talismans" of one you bought is worth it later in the game when you've got more points to spend, because this might allow you to use ready more talismans/jutsus since the 2nd and 3rd talismans you learn from the same tier cost less capacity points. P.S. Sorry for the messy english, hope this helps someone.