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this boss is a wall if you don't have the sloth talismans, i'd almost prefer to fight a boss version of the karasu tengu instead
Dont agree, went ham with double katana, just kept dodging in behind him and hitting him until he turned. Rinse and repeat for an easy kill.
I had no idea what I was doing, and managed to down him on my first try with katana. I just tried to stand behind him and used the combofinisher which makes me do a backflip. Living weapon at 50% since he went out of ki, and I just kept pounding him from behind with me mediocre stick.
Weakness - Lightning
Resistances - Wind/Poison/Paralysis
Easy boss fight duel lighting swords. Was expecting something much worse. Just go hard at him and stay behind.
Him and Gashadokuro have been the easiest bosses for me thus far.

Cautiously got him down to 50% then surprised myself by stun-locking him with the Tanuki and brought the remaining half of his HP to zero in ~15 seconds.

Sword-only, light armor, Lv 89
Am I the only one who has a hard time with this boss? The flying grab comes out way too fast, and I have no clue how to dodge the wing blast attack.
You can completly avoid the proyectiles without moving an inch if you use the uneveness of the terrain in your advantage.
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