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By Anonymous
Question, on Dark Souls Remastered, if I join the Blades of the Darkmoon for the Darkmoon Blade miracle, then kill Gwyndolin for the Sunlight Blade miracle, then try to join the covenant again through the bonfire, will I be able to rejoin to be able to use both buffs?
By Anonymous
Nope. Cant join the covenant if the leader is dead.
By Anonymous
I recently joined the Princess Guard covenant, and when I returned to the forest area, a member of the Forest Hunter covenant (whom I joined weeks earlier) attacked me. I simply retreated. If I fight one of the Forest Hunters, will I no longer be able to return to the Forest Hunter covenant? After all, attacking members of the Forest Hunter covenant is considered a betrayal, and despite the temptation of earning thousands of souls (plus more after having recently acquired the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring) once again, I'm not keen on taking any chances.

I look forward to an adequate response...
By Anonymous
You can kill the forest hunters if you wish, you’re not currently in the covenant so it won’t count as a betrayal.
Ensure to kill pharis and get the bow before rejoining the covenant