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By Anonymous
Question, on Dark Souls Remastered, if I join the Blades of the Darkmoon for the Darkmoon Blade miracle, then kill Gwyndolin for the Sunlight Blade miracle, then try to join the covenant again through the bonfire, will I be able to rejoin to be able to use both buffs?
By Anonymous
Nope. Cant join the covenant if the leader is dead.
By Anonymous
If you kill Gwyndolin, the Darkmoon Blade covenant will disappear from the list at the bonefire, thus not allowing you to join it back. You must go to NG+.
By Anonymous
I recently joined the Princess Guard covenant, and when I returned to the forest area, a member of the Forest Hunter covenant (whom I joined weeks earlier) attacked me. I simply retreated. If I fight one of the Forest Hunters, will I no longer be able to return to the Forest Hunter covenant? After all, attacking members of the Forest Hunter covenant is considered a betrayal, and despite the temptation of earning thousands of souls (plus more after having recently acquired the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring) once again, I'm not keen on taking any chances.

I look forward to an adequate response...
By Anonymous
You can kill the forest hunters if you wish, you’re not currently in the covenant so it won’t count as a betrayal.
Ensure to kill pharis and get the bow before rejoining the covenant