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The Darkmoon Blade Covenant is pointless to join anymore because nearly all sinners that you could possibly invade are intact hackers with no health gage, stamina, or limit on what they can use; this includes their spells, miracles, and even their weight capacity. For example I encountered a player wearing Ornstien's armor, and greatsword, great shield, and still had enough to use the dark oak ring to roll after me and repeatedly backstab me while spamming wraith of the gods and an unknown spell that i have never witnessed in my years of playing. So unless you want to fight speedy miracle havels and other pointless battles then i suggest avoiding this covenant all together. Good luck to all of you and i pray you don't go hollow.

-A Fellow Undead
At this point, the only people I'd expect to encounter are cheaters, if anyone at all. I've replayed this game recently and only saw a few ghosts of other players running around throughout my whole play through, and didn't see any messages until I got very near the end of the game.
Platform? I still play on pc and it`s active. Several tousend people online around the clock, messages everywhere, no problems with invading and being invaded. Even jolly cooperations is around. For sure not that active like back in 2013 but it`s lively.
Until 2015 I played it on PS3, everything were good. Just switched because my brother started playing on pc. But no idea how it is there nowadays. I heard it`s dead on Xbox, was your experience there?
I play to this day on X1 and it is most certainly alive and well. I'm always being summoned and have no issues finding summons for some good jolly cooperation
the leveling up covenant animation is unnecessarily slow


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Where does one check their covenant rank?


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Where is the best place to see your covenant rank?
I think it can be seen on the main player stat screen. Third tab after pushing start.
If i obtain the buff to Darkmoon Blade by getting Rank 3 and then exiting the covenant and join back, will it still have the upgrade?
When you abandon a covenant you lose half of the offerings given to that covenant and your rank is adjusted, since darkmoon blade damage multiplier is based on covenant level it will be whatever rank you are in.
No. You will be lowered by one rank.
I have just tested: Have Nito's alliance ranked +1 and and then leave him through Oswald, then I went into another oath and there is the same. I then went back to the oath of Nito and he was no longer ranked +1 but only normal and I think that's just stupid.
I am not sure if it was the same on the old version, but I do not think so, but still very stupid, well, luckily need only in the sunlight Bündnis for my cleric.
Well would Sunlight Blade be a nice substitute or is Darkmoon Blade more worth it?
Is this still happen on the remastered version?
Does entering a new game+ reset all rankings of any covenant you reached before?
It does not
It does reset sin though.
Can I join and abandon convents without facing any problems if I play the whole game offline?