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Is this where to go from blighttown from the opposite end from bossfight?
You descend The Great Hollow to reach Ash Lake. The Great Hollow is found at the bottom of Blighttown opposite from Quelaag's Domain.
Yeah basically standing looking out over blighttown from the cave for the boss fight look right and it's in the tree behind an illusory wall then you have to reach the bottom of it it's pretty difficult but once you get to wash lake watch out for the hydra this one is a lot more difficult than the first one you meet just run straight through and you'll eventually meet the dragon and find a bon fire rest at it and chop the dragons tail off though I think you should only do this after getting the Lord vessel if not then by no means rest at the bon fire cut off the dragons tail then kill yourself so that you go back to your former bonfire trust me it'll make everything a litbeadier and if you have a lot of souls use the ring of sacrifice
Yep, I accidentally found it, and went deeper and deeper, then accidentally got cursed on my way back up... alas, I had no purging stone... and I was level 30... trapped in Ash Lake with the hydra
The crabs drop curse removing stones
My teacher told me that my opinions don't matter, would this great sword help me?
This will make your teacher have nightmares
Best! a lot of damage its best weapon for peps who dont know what bonuses are :P
You can buff it with miracles?
horrible for pvp
All greatweapons are. All PvPers do is dodge, a slow-swinging weapon won’t do*****
Tell that to the Darkwraiths I’ve lured into killzones using Chameleon
you can try not to lock
git gud
PvP sucks **** 90% of the time your bullying some noob who's at 1/4 of your level


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*Summons friend with Dragon Greataxe as I get out my Dragon Greatsword* M-m-make the ground shake *Bass Cannon*
My favorite weapon build (I’m big on magic so it’s rare for me to do one) is the Dragon Warrior. What I do is make a quick run for Ash Lake upon arriving at Firelink, which isn’t hard and actually very easy, get the sword and grind away at the mushroom parents using the dragon headstone fire. Get the stats for the weapon, run for Vally of Drakes, farm scales and get the torso stone. All you really need is just the strength for two handing it and everything else can into whatever else.
Don't you get dragon scales for trading prism stones with snuggly? Only 10 souls a peace..
My favorite weapon to use in the game
Big dragon *****