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Usura-hicho is acquired by completing the main mission Falling Snow in the Kinki Region.
Are there any sets that synchronize with this? Seems it's the only Water guardian worth a damn.
Well, it has Ki Damage on strong attacks. Since im playing with spears, I know that the strong attacks in medium Stance are very good at reducing the enemys ki. There is as far as I know only one spear (Otegine) that has waterdamage, wich the Spirit will boost (water debuff the enemys physical defense). The ki evasion reduction is most usefull for light armor. The only light armorset that I know of wich uses spears is the red deamon set (however not giving any spear specific benefits as long as you dont use high stance for spearfall. Also you cant get the spirit boost since you would need enco for that and it has another wasted bonus for burning enemys). I guess that means that you can basicaly use any armor set you like or just armor that does not have a set bonus at all like an onmyo sets. Some points in Onmyo can help you to get water based damage and an increased purifiyng range for the regen from this spirit. Also some aditional yokai realm resitance but i dont know how usefull that is.