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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

15 of skill/dex are truly necessary? tips on equips would be nice too. waiting for your skills update eagerly


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The reason for the 15 points in Dexterity iis for the "The Way of the Ninja: Veteran" quest. "Ki pulse is double the bonus per point of Strength, with identical scaling." is the reason I set Skill to 15 points.

For equipment there isn't a one set standard. Just go with the best damage and stat (including bonuses) output weapons. Best stat (including bonuses) output armor while maintaining a green weight percentage. Will look into getting a list of equipment that are optimal though. For skills I am skill building the list. Have been busy lately.


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Edited to include skills for each weapon type and Onmyo magic. Have altered the Skill and Dexterity stats to reflect a range. Will be looking at gear next to help optimize the build. May go with bonuses rather than specific equipment requirements.


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Thx for your time and guidance, your Build is awesome
what type of armor? light? heavy? mix?