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Please fromsoft we want the armorset as well!!!!
Looks as though you will get that armor!
Basically the farron flashsword of pyromancy.
Please be good!
So... what Fire Whip should have been?
To me, flame fan looks like a weapon, not a spell. The weapon skill is probably just the swatting of fire back and forth.
You would be wrong- it is a confirmed spell.
Strange indeed.... Guess I won't argue with that!
Just watched IGN gameplay of an NPC using this spell. It IS the Farron Flashsword of Pyromancy. In fact, it looks even better due to its deceptively wide swings. And if you use the Parting Flame with this spell, you'll get an extra combustion with every swing! Very promising...
Wow, this one looks very cool and helpful: do you remember that "Magic Mirror" held by Fyre Pyromancer in DS II? Now it's called Flame Fan, and it's a Pyromancy. You can watch it in the last gameplay video of IGN. When you cast it, the "Mirror" appears and you can swing it like Farron Flashsword.
Kinda wish you could get the mirror itself too. Like pyromancy catalyst. Still skill looks cool.
dont forget the fact we are also getting a curved sword that can cast necromancy's
necromancy's would be op in dark souls almost everything is undead
\/ \/ \/ \/ \/
Just hoping the range isn't too terrible and can compete with other spells like Farron Sword...
If it activates the parting flames special effect I'm expecting this pyromancy to be really strong.
Fire Whip actually stuns when opponents get caught in it, if this does the same it will be op.
Witch locks?
He means the pyromancy, fire whip.