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very informative
it's important to keep in mind that Itokuri adds paralysis to weapons that already have paralysis too. This means that weapons can have about 50 paralysis on them, giving a kusarigama with paralysis and Itokuri the ability to easily paralyze most foes in a single low-stance quick attack combo. This is, obviously, great for farming revenants and cheesing a lot of enemies so long as they don't block.
To be more precise, not all enemies and bosses can be paralyzed, but most of them. Enemies immune to Paralysis are: Karakasa Umbrella, Sentry and Nurikabe. Bosses immune to Paralysis: Yamata no-Orochi, Gasha-dokuro, Umi-Bozu and Hino-enma. From Way of the Demon some bosses become immune to paralysis and they are: Ishida Mitsunari, Saika Magoichi and Otani Yoshitsugu.