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you can used suzaku to finish most head without much trouble
This was the best strategy for me - tried out with Fuse and Atlas Bear a bit, before i found out that Suzaku's guardian ability absolutely crushes the heads (apart from the Fire one)
Tricking Orochi into destroying the large amrita stones around the arena releases orbs of light that eventuall will gather and stun one head.
Be careful when doing this mission in co-op w/ torii gate currently I am stuck with a friend who we have killed 3 heads and they didn't destroy the middle arena and we are stuck between two crystals



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Cannons do a real number on it. Save your ammo for the last head for an easy finish.
Glitch on last two of the dragons, they just wiggle and takes no damages. Game just sucks on Status reductions on weapon and armor level.
Once again, Late-Game magic absolutely wrecks this boss. Each head takes 3~ Shot Talismans (as long as they hit its actual head and not the body) to kill, so if you bring 9 of each and take good aim you can beat this boss without even needing Sacred Brushes. I did this at 50 magic with the Genbu Spirit.
This boss is more impressive than hard or challenging. Big, mean, but weak. Their ranged attacks are pretty weak, each head has low HP and are easy to hit, the close combat attacks are easy to dodge and leave the heads very exposed, and you can end the final phase with just a few shots of a matchlock or hand cannon.
>each head has low HP and are easy to hit
Each head has insane amount of HP (you can destroy head with 5 hit odachi-combo)
>the close combat attacks are easy to dodge and leave the heads very exposed
Nah, hard to dodge. He has a few types of them. 1-st head spin (can be blocked), 2-nd head dash (can not be blocked) and grab (unblockable). Second attack and grab kill you instanty. Oh and there is another attack after this one he actual leave the head very exposed, if it don't one hit crush you before you can do something (maybe it won't, but i can't guarantee). There also magic laser-beam attack that deals not so huge amount of damage, but can't be blocked and uses very often by each of the heads (except last, maybe).
There is a safe zone where is always, always appears your grave if you dies (he can't hit you with heads here, but still can kick your *** with magic).
In the 2-nd phase, try to hide behind amerita stones, and yes, use the hit and run tactics. But beware, the very last head can do AOE-projectile attack, which can one-shot you even through amrita-stone, lol (does a critical damage, has a few hits, can kill you instantly). Besides, if you will be too close to the heads, some of them can do head-dash attack, which immediately destroys amrita-stone and you.
They are really weak to magic. so if your struggling up close keep a distance use the crystals as cover and use element spheres .
This fight takes some getting used to. Don't be afraid to fall off, you can't. And while his belly looks far away, it's much nearer than you think, sword blows can reach him, no need to spam guns or bows, you can also stay near it and bait it's head slams, try to get a head to hit a rock to knock it out. You do like triple damage if you hit his head. Later you will be bombarded by a wild spam of spells. Use the rocks to protect you so only a few heads can hurt you. Most projectiles will harmlessly hit them. Some projectiles explode shortly after impact. That is fatal and may one shot you. Get moving as soon as possible if you are hit. The rest of his blows aren't so tough. The strength of throwables is greatly increased if the head is hit. Same for bullets, but only shoot if he is near death, don't waste them.