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So, any news on the PC version for the U.S.? Weird not hearing a thing about it so far
Season pass / DLC will be on disk? one million dollar question...


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Yes :)
It's not. You buy the disc then it gives you a -free-of-charge install of the dlc from the consoles digital store
Sorry to ask. Is (the fire fades edition) means include all Dark Souls DLC already?
Yes, it does
Wait so fire fades edition is going to befor pc too right ?
Yes. The game is just the base game + season pass. There is nothing special about it. No extra bosses, no new items, no new enemy placement. The Fire Fades Edition IS NOT like Scholar of the First Sin
Dark souls 3 fire fades xbox one digital download Is there a sale?
is it going to be sold on steam ?
Not now but could happen, not that From has announced anything​ for pc....
what time will it be realeased in est ?
why cant i find it on xbox store as a digital download?
japan store
The bad frame rate was making people sick
Fire Fades Edition is only available as a physical purchase. The Xbox Store version would be the digital deluxe edition.
In Poland you can get box version for 180pln so aprox 42euro.
The Fire Fades Edition, when time it will release on steam?
It's not available for pc as of now, no hard evidence to show that it will EVER either.....