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By Anonymous
It's possible to just use bow and arrow to hit the switch even with the red status still up. To do that stand on the furthest back as you can when facing the status, which is low enough that you will see a huge portion of the switch revealing. Make sure it is revealed by a good portion else the statue can still block your arrows.
By rgpires
Its also possible to use the special from Bow of want to destroy the statues.
By Anonymous
The special from the sanctum crossbow, too.
By Anonymous
How to punish tank builds in PvP
By Anonymous
One of moving turtles on a way to grave robbers drop the spell for me. Not that i need it or can use it but have 2 now. I think DS have too many spells intended for PvP only. Promised Walk of Peace have 40 faith requirement takes 2 slots and very situational even in PVP. I am curios does anyone use it? I don't see any use in PVE.
By Anonymous
This is a version of a horribly broken miracle from ds1. They nerfed it to***** because they overestimated it’s usefulness I guess.
By Anonymous
Oh come on, TWoP wasn't that bad unless you had no ranged attacks and no shield.

People just whine about it because they ALWAYS played havel's build with a two handed weapon, no spells, and no crossbow. There are a ton of viable counters to that spell. People just didn't use them.

But I will admit that combining it with wrath of the gods was unfair. But wrath of the gods is the problem there. By comparison tranquil walk of peace was entirely reasonable.
By Anonymous
Just drop down on top of the platform, once down there the pillar is no longer blocked by statues
By Nukulele
I killed all the clusters in The Cave of the Dead on NG to their respawn limit and Promised Walk of Peace did NOT drop, so it's not guaranteed. I wore Covetous Gold Serpent Ring, etc. and dropped my summon sign at the start every lap I ran, so I still got a good chunk of Twinkling titanite from drops and Sunlight Medals from boss summons, so I guess it wasn't a total waste of time.
By Nukulele
I realized this is a wiki, and edited out the note in the page that speculated that killing all the clusters until they stop spawning drops the hex. So now my comment is out of context.
By Anonymous
Can stack with Lifedrain Patch?
By Anonymous
Alonne greatbow worked for me.
Increases the weight of everyone in proximity by 40% of their current equip load. The bottom of the article explains this.