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yeah m8? u wot?


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my guess is you can safely store items in any of these houses?



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You can decorate the houses, but there's no storage within them. You can only store items in your bank and your guild's bank.
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don't bother wasting your time with houses, you can not use half of the furniture, you can not store anything in/on the shelves, cupboards, wardrobes and or the boxes/baskets. even the food is made of wax. all this said it still has more potential then destiny so win i guess.


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I agree with you, it's not fun as housing in other MMORPGs like Rift for example, and at same time, it have not much functionality. It's just a money and time sink, have zero effect on the gameplay and the experience you can get from game.

And to be honest, it's better that way for casual gamers who don't want more barricades and barriers and money milestones between them and the end game content and the fun parts of the game.

So, I prefer it more than many other modules of housing.
It's pretty much just a thing for long term collector types and achievement hunters. That said, having a house near a major town hub, even a cheap one, can save some coin when fast travelling if you don't want to drop any cash on wayshrines.