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It takes luck, gold, and LOADS of spirit iron, but putting Bonus Amrita on all your favorite armors is well worth the multiple rolls of the dice to get it.
How about paralysis and poison? which pool do they belong? i think i remember getting paralysis effect on my katana or spear before.
Its same as Elemental
Note that damage thing should be divided in two pools, Change to attack and Agility Bonus for example, can be on same weapon.
Is there any possible way to remove the inheritable special effect from a weapon? I have some really really good weapons stuck with one really bad inheritable special effect.
Inherit a new ability from another weapon that has maxed familiarity.
Where is final blow damage
For anyone curious I have tested extensively all the bonuses and have concluded that Familiarity Bonus of A+(max familiarity with a weapon) equals 15.5% damage increases, Agility Bonus of A+ with Agility of A equals 15%, Enemies Defeated bonus seemed to cap at 8 or 9%, not sure if it time based but couldn't get it higher after clearing the first area so may be higher if you can manage to kill more in a shorter span of time, I got as far as the hut that holds the key with the first Yokai in the game, finally the change to stat on the Katana, my weapon of choice, benefits the most from change to skill A+. I tried the strength, heart, body, and skill all with no skills unlocked and with the exact same stats. Also the biggest damage boost comes from low, mid, high attack currently at 15.9%. If any found an higher values or different results please post. I'm trying to unlock the best weapon possible. Thanks.
You can have +20% close combat damage at max familiarity.


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I guess I should have said that, but low,mid, high at max familiarity adds 5% to the base, so the highest I've seen is 20.9%. Close combat still falls short if you only use one stance most of the time. Thanks for the info.
Where is "Skill Ki Reduction"? Also i happen to have "Change to Attack(spirit)" and "Agility Damage Bonus" on the same weapon
Ki Damage?
I have a sword with final blow damage, can I also reforge a different trait to have damage from behind to go with it?