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I've found that after a certain point, there is an angel flying freely in the beginning of Dreg Heap, it won't attack you and you can't attack it, but I thought it was interesting to note, as I did kill all 3 angel hosts. bosses killed are: Demon Prince, Halflight, and Midir.
I saw this one and actually managed to kill it with sorceries. It's tricky though, you need to first get it's attention with a bow, after which it will attack you with a barrage of magic. After that it starts to look around for you and when it's back is facing you, you can blast it's wings. Killing it yielded nothing though...



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I love how they brought angels in
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Hidden body spell, trust me, you’ll have so much less stress in your play through! :P
The beams cast by the Angels are the same color as Prince Lothric's sorceries... Seems after Gertrude was imprisoned in the Grand Archives, the kingdom of Lothric had a change of heart and embraced Angelic faith?
Prince Lothric is using holy sorcery aswell. They only had a problem with the worshipping buisness as far I remember the story around Gertrude. A former maid of the Queen. Or daughter. Or both? Game is silent about this.
Suprised that they say the damage type is unknown... Just grabbed Great Magic Barrier and confirmed the damage is indeed magic


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That was originally written by me a day or two after release. I'm surprised no one has edited the entry and updated it with appropriate information after all this time
Killing the angel itself rather than the cocoon will just cause another one to come in it's place in fairly short order.
Yea hidden body spell is the best way
They could still see me :/
Use no sound ring, they may hear you, iron armor jingling
anyone else notice the host that you kill is attached to a pilgrim



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Lost a whopping seventy thousand souls to one of these *****ers. Worst day of my life.
70 thousand isn't much
I climaxed 1 million souls into king vedrick and it did one spec of damage
Lmao, you can get 90k in like 2 minutes.... look up ascended knights... and use rapport.