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omg, has this already been validated? like is that the actual name of the enemy? and if so is it one of the "angels" that gertrude saw that started the angelic faith? i've wanted that lore expanded upon SO much. i want more "angelic" miracles too, that'd be cool, just divine pillars of light so far.
yea pillars of light looks cool and the popup hits are nice, but the damage and accuracy is ***.
Seems like the ringed city is epicentre of the lothric angel war to me. Perhaps these angels are forgotten and corrupted by the dark like rosaria?
So if we're getting Earthen Peak, we're obviously getting some more focus on Dark Souls 2. Combine this with Angels, and I immediately think of one boss:

You also have the Desert Sorceress Set laying around...
Report on the Angels: They CAN BE KILLED. I used the Onislayer Greatbow +4 with a co-op partner. However, They respawn extremely quickly after being killed (About 4-5 seconds) after that they auto-aggro on the killer (Can Confirm).
In order to actually kill them you need to kill the Pilgrims that summon them. They look like fleshy towers, praying.
has anybody found the infested pilgrims for the second and third angels?
pilgrim for the third angel is on the rooftops to the right when on the aproach towards the pyromancer npc.
Pilgrim for the second angel is directly below the swamp, on a ledge you climb down to. You can see it from the ledge where that angel first starts shooting from you, down and on the right, but you can't get there safely until you've gone through the area and dodged its attacks.
First summoner: Past the two knights in the chapel but before the drop to the second bonfire.
Second summoner: Run up the tree roots that are furthest away in the swamp, drop to another root. If you fight the pyromancer you've gone too far. This despawns the swamp angel.
Third summoner: Past the pyromancer, before jumping down to the third bonfire, continue down the roots instead. You might be able to jump here from above too near the start, but I feel like you'd die if you tried. (A mound maker summoned at the bonfire can also sometimes spawn on these roots and can quickly kill this summoner, despawning the bonfire angel before it's ever a problem.)
Your descriptions don't really help.
If you have played through the area, they are clearly useful. The swamp is a clear-cut area with clearly "further away" roots. The two knights in the chapel are the first time you encounter two knights, so again, not bad. The last one is a bit bad though.

Really though, killing them is worth it so that you can loot everything in peace.
I can also confirm they are vulnerable to near-casted dark magic. However, they respawn within seconds so it is not advised.
The "Rapport" - Spell does not work on the Angel as well as with the caster. Confirmed on NG2+.