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At first i thought the word "herald" had been spelled incorrectly as "harald" and was like: "yes! i can finally get a 'great' weapon on my paladin file (just wearing herald armor with high fth/vgr/vit and a little str/dex, just enough str/dex to wield my weapon).
Weppon phun, used weppi art and dealt 120 damege each hiet, hit guy 5 tiamez and dealt 600
I wonder if it's another of those (filthy) Dex CGS, or a Strength-based CGS. Only time will tell.
S Scaling in Strength so its probs dex
Harambe's curved greatsword
Dead meme
Never heard of that ***
Harambe's not dead, he was using ToD
this is probably the same or a similar sword to the one the giant guy with the dreg looking face had in the trailer.
probably strength based. Feelsbadman
Thank god. Another quality weapon would be boring.
Curved gs are usually quality though, who knows. It'd be great if it was strength. Eroded by the abyss sounds dark though
Corroded* f my English
Holy ***** I misread the title as 'Harald Curver Sword'.

I don't think I would be able to handle another Follower's Sabre.
While everyone is gonna be using the Ringed Knight Straight Sword, I'll be trying to use this.
The latest patch increased the attack power and speed of Curved Greatswords, so you should have a relatively easy time using it. Unless Miyazaki decided to make this a gimmick split-damage weapon that only works with a build that's made to use it, in which case into the Abyss it goes (again).
Aren't you special?
damn that description sounds edgy af