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I cannot figure out a good tactic for these. They seem to have hyper armor and I cannot stop their attacks no matter what. I have to get in with a couple of attacks maximum before backing off. They also seem to have way more health than almost everything else.
The best strategy is to assume the fetal position and count backwards from ten.

You'll probably only make it to seven though.
I try to bait out the two-hit combo attack and then go in for a hit, but I have to agree these guys are ruthless.
Personally I've found mid/low katana and dodging TOWARDS them will do the trick. Short combo bursts finished off with Swallow's Wing from behind. Try LoSing the ranged attack as you can't dodge it.
this enemy here, whenever i see it in a level, there's one thing i do immediately: backtrack to a shrine and offer up an ochoko cup. That's the only strategy i found that works for these bastards in serious need of a nerf



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They are quite powerful indeed. But, as everything, a sloth talisman makes a world of difference :)
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all fine and dandy, but with the nerf to sloth talismans good luck hitting one of these highly mobile bastards
there's a side mission with 2 of these bastards at once, Kuroda's Determination. My recommendation is to avoid this mission, just don't even bother with it. You cannot summon help for this mission as there are no shrines. Anyone who manages this mission is obviously very good at this game, at least until the devs wake up and realize this enemy needs some give added to it
The thing with this enemy is the speed, you take that form him and thats it, i recommend using the Sloth Talisman combined with a Kekkai Talisman so you recover stamina really quick, that way is easy to take him down, in this mission only use two and focuse in one, keep dodging in case one of them use the ranged attack.
This f****** mission is horrible I did beat it but I would of beaten it sooner if I knew that the cannon could kill me if the boss was super close
Just use living weapon to kill one and focus on the other
I just repeatedly shot one with my hand cannon but yeah I'm never trying that mission again.
If I remember correctly Tengus should be weak to Lightning.
A great tactic for fighting these guys is to stay just outside of "Spear" range, this will provoke them to do a three staff swing combo. Two attacks come quickly and then the staff swings after. There is an opening after the third swing to him him safely.
Team Ninja please nerf this *****ers
Ok, for all the crybabies in the comments - If he attacks with his stick, block. If he attacks with the claw straight into the kick, dodge backwards, if he shoots at you, dodge to the side - same goes for his grab attack. And as always, attack while he is recovering from his attacks. It's that simple.
Trick with that one is stand behind where the forst one spawns and almost kill it before its spawn animation is over. Took me a while to figure it out. I kill bosses easier than these stupid birds. Im lv 136 now and still havent come up with a decent strategy for them
For Onymo users - if you can land a couple of Water shots before he engages, then spam low stance quick attacks with an elemental weapon, you can stun-lock him easily. Once he can't dodge or hyper armor through attacks, his low health will do him in before confusion wears off.