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By Anonymous
Is it possible to get bleed on the Uchigatana, I got mine off the Undead Burg merchant.
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By Anonymous
Great weapon against low lvl twink invaders.

Most twinks invading at low levels have crappy vitality and endurance so bleeding weapon make short work of them.

Uchi has very low requirements. So grab it from undead's merchant body with rest of his unique stuff (except bottomless box, he won't drop it) and be ready. As soon as you see some dumb red twink hack him with R1 spam. He will bleed, cry and run to mommy leaving you humanity drop.
By Anonymous
I was just trying a completely unmodified version of this out and I killed both the big lizards in Sen's Fortress lobby quite easily.

I think I'll make this my occult weapon (claymore is the other option I was trying)
By Anonymous
im gonna kill the best npc sorry guys