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it`s pretty good
Yes it is
"Demon's Souls version: Has the same appearance and move set..."

This isn't true. In Demon's, the 1H R1s are horizontal swings. The 2H R1 has a slower startup and uses more stamina. It's much more versatile in Demon's because of those horizontal, spammy swings. The 2H moveset is for slow hits that combo into push->R1 and hit like a truck.
15+ 225+ lightning+ 225=450 , feelsoulman
Doesn't work like that...
and how it works? can you explain? the math should be very simple, resistence aside
no explain
dark souls:final katana
can you still buff a crude one?
There is no crude in ds1
How to upgrade to +15
You need to give both the large ember and very large ember to andre of astora
large ember - depths very large ember - new londo ruins (lower)
Can you ascend a Fire Uchigatana to a Chaos Blade? I accidentally did that before finding out that the Fire Uchigatana doesn't give any boosts to it's damage from stats and I need to know if I wasted so much titanite...
Nevermind, I just found out you could revert it.
Can I win the game with Uchigatana?
Yeah, i did it in my first game, my favorite weapon of the game and a great option for desxterity builds and its enchanted version its a good option for a sorcerer builds
That's what I did on my first playthrough... Went with uchi with raw enchant and crystal weapon enchant...