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>cant play as okatsu
Let's hope they add female skins in the season pass content
It's a let down for sure. Also I would love to be able to change their gear to some extent. It would sky rocket the customization options.
Can you remove helmets from these transformations ?

I know you can turn it off when you're offline but how about online?
i have co-opped with other players with "display headgear" turned to off. So yes you can.
How do you unlock Edward Kelley's skin? Already beat him in the story once
You need to beat one hundred eyes, he's in the the queens eyes mission. If you've beaten the game it should be unlocked for you.
How do you unlock sakai skin?



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So when you buy a transformation skin it makes your armor look like their armor? Or do you face change and it allows you to keep your set on?
No, when you transform, you literally change into their models. any current equipment you have won't change the visuals from the transformations.
Kinda wish you get a secret skin when collecting all of them...i did such a thing...and got nothing. on the other hand i have a lot of skins to choose from (:
Missing the kusarigama dojo master.. (forgot his name, wears a mask).
Kurisagama master Shisenin Kosen is missing. He also costs 9000 honor like the other masters.
Female skins are being added with the 1.07 update