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For melee strategy, i suggest attacking from the side rather than the rear. It has a nasty tail grab n smash when you're behind.

Resists might need some reevaluating, i fought the cat using raikiri and it melted like no boss before it.
Easiest boss i've killed him on first try
The weakness is incorrect, in-game says weakness is wind, not water.
Weakness is right, based on in-game testing. Single 'Shot' jutsu of each element and 369 Onymo Power:
Fire: 123 Damage, 100%
Water: 172 damage, ~140%
Lightning: 49 damage, ~40%
Earth: 123 damage, 100%
Wind: 123 damage, 100%
Haven't tested whether more vulnerable to a given elemental status though
Nekomata nooooo!
Instantly kills you if you attack from behind, ignore the guide
He is a real pain anyone who says otherwise is lying.
This boss will start to stagger when his life runs out, you can living weapon him down at this point. Getting there will take some effort. You should learn to dodge his swipes. You should be aware that he swipes much quicker if you are very near him and at his front, so the timing is different. Aim to flank him and get to his side. You don't want to get hit by his pounce, it may one shot you. Plenty of his attacks punish the front, so keep moving and flank him. He has a spin counter if you keep at his blind spots, so don't stay too long and back up. If he is pouncing, and he brushes you with his side or rear leg, that's a hit; a very painful one. Don't be greedy in the combos, there will be a time once his ki drains and he starts to stagger. Living weapon can finish him. For any laser attack he tries, rush to his side, preferably near his rear, it's a good blind spot.
get the ***** OUT whoever says its easy in a *****ing boss guide
Quite annoying boss, if you get caught by the scratch mostly you will die (stunlock 4 scratches). Tail grab is one shot(i have 2k hp). You can try to hit his right eye(the glowing eye) to stagger him and follow up some hit. Always dodge to the left if possible. First phase should be easy, at 2nd phase eat a damage up pill and living weapon should clean up the fight.