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By Anonymous
This thing has standard critical damage yet, when I backstabbed some hollows it seems like it did more damage that it should. Do daggers have more backstab damage in general to other weapons or am I missing something? I didn't use any buffs or Hornet Ring, just tested it and it does like the equal ammount
of damage my Drakeblood GS does when backstabbing.
By Anonymous
Yeah, they have higher backstab/riposte damage, which is why a lot of people use chaos daggers for ripostes
By Anonymous
Daggers, even if they don´t have high critical on the stats of it, daggers still have very high motion values for backstabs/ripostes, even with the average 100 critical modifier.
By Anonymous
Critical damage is NOT determined by the "Critical" modifier. Critical damage is calculated by "motion values" which every type of attack has one. Daggers generally all have high motion values for backstabs/ripostes, though the basic Dagger has the highest of all.
By Anonymous
don't forget that it has split damage which actually works in your favor on critical attacks
By Anonymous
Dude in Fallen knight set with Aquamarine Dagger vs dude in Ringed knight set with Ringed knight SS.
By Anonymous
Duel of the fates intensifies
By Anonymous
Naked man with Vordt Hammer swoops in and wrecks them both ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
By Anonymous
Anyone have an aquamarine dagger that they're willing to part ways with? I really wanna start a playthrough with it being my main weapon, I'm on playstation
By Anonymous
I can hive you one, bud, tell me your ID
By Anonymous
All women are queens!
By Anonymous

By Anonymous
*ringed knight SS sound effect*
By Anonymous
I destroyed two people with the dagger, light saber epic, unfortunately i lack confidence and end up rolling away instead of chaining up a combo into the crystal blade and gets ****ed most of the time
By Anonymous
It's over Anakin, I have the bigger stamina bar
By Anonymous
You underestimate my power within
By Anonymous
update page plz, courage is needed to use this weapon
By Anonymous
Ashen-Wan Kenobi
By Anonymous
Oops accieentaly copied a comment mb

Y'all can crucify me I deserve it
By Anonymous
Wait **** I accidentally copied another comment

Y'all can crucify me I deserve it
By Anonymous
Dagger go wooosh
The WA stamina consumption is atrocious. Plus, you basically need a 40/40 Dex/Int build. Then a ton of Endurance, Ring of Favor +3 and Prisoner's Chain. Then you also need Attunement to utilize sorceries.
Seems purely a 125 build weapon?
By Anonymous
I use it on my SL1 ng+69 and I never lose
By Anonymous
you dont need sorceries, level 95 is enough to demolish opponents not expecting it in just 3 to 5 seconds
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