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Mayhap this is that light saber looking weapon from the trailer?
I agree to that
Yes,it is.
Then let the Luke skywalker cosplay commence
It basically seems like a sword version of Friede's Greatscythe (the combo part anyways, thanks VaatiVidya for providing the notes on his video x3), so it's possible it could have similar scaling.
New OP sword incoming, *****es.
What a great rip-off from DS2 the Ivory Straight Sword
oh you mean that piece of***** that looks way different and broke in 5 seconds when you used it stop being such a downer
I hope so much that this will be a good melee weapon for spellsword (or pure mage) builds. Like a pure magic damage blade. Please FromSoft, don't make the cool crystal blade the weapon art >.< Make it it's base form.
More than likely it will function like the farron flash sword, at the very least something close to it.
Pure mages don't use melee weapons bruh...
Maybe this will be the sorcery version of demon scar(a bladed weapon that functions as a sorcery catalyst)?
I doubt that: there are 4 weapons which functions as sorcery catalyst already, and one is a short sword. This will probably be a DEX and INT scaling dagger with split damage, and i think it will have a unique moveset
Damage: 67 in both physical and magic;
requirements: STR 5, DEX 14, INT 18;
Scaling: STR E, DEX and INT D;
Weight: 1.5;
Durability: 50;
Guard absorption: physical 35, magic 20, fire 15, lightning 15, dark 20, stability 15;
Weapon Art: Crystal Blade, FP 8(2/3);
Oh god, split damage 50% phys/magic, like the Crescent Moon Sword. You know what that means? Its going to be really really bad. Better range and moveset, probably; but still very very low damage output.


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At least it's fast. Like, really fast, especially for its range.
another dex /int weapons , as usual
Well the two attributes go hand in hand.
Yeah from we have so many dex int weapons. Give us some quality curved swords instead
Most definitely won't be top-tier or bottom-of-the-barrel garbage, but I doubt the Corvian Greatknife will have any competition for best dagger, even with the nice-looking range
Fashion Soul Mini-Lightsaber 10/10