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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Why is the commenter image an elite knight?
why do you keep yapping on every page?
asking the real question here! :)
Praise the Sun Bro \[T]/
Original site was a dark souls wiki. The web designers simply expanded on a previous built site rather than make a whole new one.
Because thou who art undead art chosen!!!!!
Summoner' candle also summons the guardian spirit to your location with the Amrita that it is guarding
do you think we are stupid that's the point of summoner candles
Fun fact: When you have enough amrita to level up, your amrita counter will turn yellow
I was playing a meeting on the other side mission, I died. After dying I had Sariose appear on my loading screen, but I had the paired raiken. I my spirit was automatically returned to me, but ALL my amrita was gone. I never died without having my spirit. What in the world happen?
if you die without your spirit you lose ALL of your amrita plain and simple
It's been over a year since the game was released and this is seriously all there is on Amrita? No lore, no assistance for farming, just some bullet-point notes that don't even explain their points or link any further?
In general this wiki is very incomplete.



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Yes, it needs more contributors.

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I don't disagree, I'm all for contributing myself; I just haven't played enough of the game to do so yet.
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The Monster Hunter: World wiki is updated within hours or even sometimes minutes of info being released. We just need some dedicated contributors. I've been playing the game a week but this outdated wiki is getting to me. Will be trying to update things as I can. There's even a line in this wiki that says the Tangeshima Magatama or something is the "best accessory in the game" - but it doesn't even have it's own page...
Fun fact: There actually is an Amrita multiplier that makes the enemies wield more of it as long as the amount carried on person has passed a milestone.
SO can I or can I not get any on the very beginning?


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Trying to update this wiki. If anyone reads my comments and has specific ideas or suggestions as to how to improve individual pages, let me know in the comments and I'll do my best. I am a new player so it may take some times for me to unlock a lot of the content that requires an update.
Spoilers and speculations about AMRITA. Advance forms of Amrita stones are called soul stones. I suppose Amrita is a natural energy found in all life. It's also heavily influenced by feelings, as fiends are born from hate and war. It's like pure power, which can be used for good or evil. The birth of guardian spirits, in the case of good. Japan in this world ,must be some gate to the land of the dead or the spirit realm. Since soul energy forms around it and monsters live there.so far, it seems to be the only place where Amrita resides. If humans absorb some Amrita, they become strong like William and Kelley. But if they take too much they become fiends.it may also be that some people are born with a natural ability to absorb a lot of Amrita, with out changing. Probably those strong enough to own guardian spirits and be heroes, since William absorbs so much Amrita... like truck loads of Amrita, millions of it, but he is fine. It may also be that it's the guardian spirits who take the Amrita instead of you, who knows? But even they have limits, since Kelley is able to turn his to a monster by over feeding it, and then we have the cat who absorbed dark spirits, possibly Amrita tainted by evil, Guardian spirits seem to be created by strong will and Amrita. It's revealed that Williams desire to escape death as a child lead to his guardian spirits birth. Only his explains her birth, the rest just recite the tales of their current masters, perhaps because that was all they knew, since they were made to just follow and serve their master. (Or they could have many masters over many years , but chose to just mention one).