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No matchmaking restrictions whatsoever? I wonder if you get scaled down, though. Hmm . . .
You do get scaled down
it usually doesn't matter though because your damage comes from your weapons and those dont get scaled down so you can be level 300 and join a level 20 and decimate everything in your way


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According to current experience the question of "do you get scaled down" has an answer of yes most notably in the Health and KI areas due to me seeing a drop from 3275 HP to roughly 2000 and 180 Ki to 160 when i get matched with someone who is stuck on Umi-Bozu. The Down scaling for damage doesnt look to be as drastic considering a lot of it comes directly from weapons used.
The matchmaking is currently ridiculous - it allows people who are light levels ahead of you to drop in and decimate everything in sight - but not players who are struggling at the same point in the game as you. Useless.


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the other players struggling have the same option to have the higher guys come in and do the same for them, though, so you have a hard argument to make
I feel the main reason we see this though is because the other lower level people aren't trying to help others since they can't help themselves. As for the player who's light years ahead the main reason for this is that they don't have a difficulty option in random encounters
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