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You can farm this set in the second part . In chugoku region. In the dojo, as soon as you have the mission "way of the ninja: adept" unlocked. Unlimited set peices, both weapons and smithing plans.
Thanks, anon. I was wondering if I could farm the set. I completed the adept ninja mission twice, but didn't get any armor pieces the second time around. I DID however, get a hooked kusarigama. The wiki doesn't know where they drop from yet, so there you go.
Be sure to equip gear with luck bonus when doing the Hanzo missions and consider pledging to the furuta clan for the +40 luck bonus. You don't have the guardian spirit available to you in both ninja missions so you can't benefit from the +50 bonus from the spider guardian spirit. I only got the weapon texts after boosting my luck to plus 100 and still had to grind a lot!
Is there confirmation that he drops the plans for the weapons (adept or veteran)?
I've got the armor set smithing plans pretty fast. But after 2+ hours of farming him in either mode I haven't seen any weapon plans drop.
Reason for the plans would be that of course leveling the weapons eventually gets too expensive with a big enough level difference and it would be wqay simpler to just roll for new ones of appropriate level.
Got the armour and the katana smithing texts in adept and the kusarigama in veteran. But like I said in the post below, I only got the weapon texts after boosting my luck and still needed to farm a bit after that - an hour and a half or so.
I'm the dude below. Yes the weapon plans do drop (from the veteran trainer at least)
BUT. Here's an interesting fact: I farmed them for ages with 100+ luck and got nothing, several hours. So I decided to remove a couple of luck items to bring it to 80, thus making a smaller percentage of purples drop and more blues and even some yellows. Voila both weapon plans dropped in just a few runs. It could be coincidence, since I only have my own example to go on, but and this is speculation, it might be that at very high luck the percentage of gear purples pushes the plans way down the probability table as a less "quality" item. /shrug
So I'd been farming these missions for a couple hours with no success. I read your comment and decided what the hell. I dropped my luck by about 50 points and 2 tries later the text dropped. Could be coincidence but I think you may be on to something here. Either way, THANK YOU!
Took me around 300 tries to get all the texts.
Drop rate is super low it's ridiculous.