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Does anybody know if these become available to buy? Ive gone through 60 on a later game boss that is kicking my ***.
For every 5 Kodama you collect, your maximum goes up by 1. I don't think you can buy elixirs, I have yet to see the option for it.

Hope this helps!
It caps at 8, ive collected over 100 of them and ive been at 8 since the second map area. No worries I found a really good farming spot for them in the end, thanks


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If you find the Medicine Case it can have the effect Unlimited Elixirs which allows you to use them as the effect says Unlimited. The only time the effect isn't in place seems to be if you are a visitor to another's game.
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It doesn't cap at 8, you can increase your max by +3 by investing in the Ninjitsu tree.
Would be nice to get a good farm spot for these.
You could just farm a lot of items up then donate them to shrines... On top of getting other items, you get a lot of elixirs without issue.
You don't need a farming spot for these, unless you're so terrible you have to use like one every fight or something.

Donating items to a shrine gets you elixirs above anything else, and running with the Kodama elixir blessing gets you one every other kill as well. The amount of trash loot in the game practically ensures constant donations, which ensures constant elixirs. I had 200 of these in storage before I left the first island. They're literally the most commonly used and obtained item in the game.

You don't need a farming spot.
I just farm the first level with the 25% elixir drop kodama bonus just around the second praying post.
Anyone think that elixirs are actually Kodama poop? They look like poop in the image, and are made of nuts and plants, which I'm assuming is their diet.
No. Kodama are spirits, they're not corporeal, don't need to eat, don't need to*****, don't produce any biproducts. It's just a "legend" that they Kodama make them. Don't believe everything you read. They're just herbal pills.

A better question is why so many enemies and chests, pots and boxes contain them, when they're most readily available from praying and offering at the shrine. I guess even rogues and Yokai are pious souls at heart.