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Anyone know the soft cap for each stat? seems like Body, Heart and Stamina needs to be fully upgraded to soft cap for maximum heath and ki.***** man, complicated
Follow this it helps alot. the guy did his homework really well.
Does anyone know how the unlimited ninjustsu stat works? And why If unlimited is there a percentage?
10 % unlimited means that you have 10% chance of not consuming a ninjutsu item when using it.


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It's a percentage chance for the effect to occur. I.e. every time you use a ninja item you have xx% chance it won't be used up


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Oh man I'm so confused... I want to make a OP build, but how? I mean, in soulsborne you just need to focus on 3 or 4 stats and push them to the cap (like VIT40 END40 DEX40 FTH40). But here everything works different... I don't know what stats to focus and lvl up... please help T_T


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There basically isn't a cap in this game so you can spec all the way to 99 and get the same benefit (or similar, depending on stat) from the 99th point as from the 20th. That is not 100% accurate but for many stats it is close enough.
You want op build just type in nioh blender on YouTube and drop him a like If dual sword ain't you're thing he has other op builds. Fyi nioh is exactly like souls concentrate on two to four stats to get a good build.
:( level 750 and equip weight is still terrible just under 56. Basically u can't wear complete heavy you have to substitute you're with a medium. They really need to increase equip weight by 10 or add accessory that increase by 10 via patch
There are items with blue weight reduction stat.
Forgot to type helm after you're lol
why isn't the odachi mentioned here?
YOu could Throw ninja stars for days in here?
It would be nice to know soft caps for the stats. For example, Dex seems to stop increasing your Ninjutsu capacity once your ninjutsu capacity reaches 40
it stops at 30 dexterity and gives you 30 base slots. so you cannot have infinite capacity, kinda like how attunement works in dark souls. there is a stat in both ninjustu and onmyo to increase capacity past the stat max of 30
The table's been updated to include Odachi and Tonfa stat info. Colors are off though. Couldn't find the option to fix that.