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How do you increase proficiency?
Damage enemies. It increases faster on higher level missions
Hit things. Preferably living ones.
Can you check how high your proficency is?
The Additional Stats tab in the Status window. (press R1)


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Then what does proficiency bonus do? Increase the rate of proficiency gain, or does it increase damage somehow? Also this article is vague. "Proficiency is the measure of your effectiveness with a specific category of ", not really, it's just a measure of how much combat time you have with the weapon which is highly correlated to effectiveness, but you could just easily be "effective" with no proficiency , say a skilled player starts a new character. "As your proficiency increases you will unlock certain master missions" sounds way more exciting than the specifics of what actually happens. You unlock the master missions (there is one for each weapon class) at 500,000 proficiency, half way to the maximum. That's it. You also must have cleared warrior veterans training.
just using any weapon will increase that proficiency, you can check it on the second page of your status page, hammers does not seem to have a proficiency
Hammers count as Axes
proficiency bonus on a weapon only increases the amount of proficiency u gain dir the weapon type u are using. That's why those wooden weapons u can get from dojo missions have Like ~70% proficiency bonus on them. In other words: useless weapon attribute if your desired weapon type proficiency is maxed out (=999.999)