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Jump off the very 1st ledge you come to. Aim for the left most corner and sprint off. You should land on an invisible path that will go straight to the boss gate shortcut in the burning village.
you should post some video footage of this
What does this even mean? lol
You should suck the very 1st*****you come to.
Anon posting is a stupid idea for a wiki
TIP for the Nurikabe (wall enemys): Check the bloody graves near the walls. It will usually says what killed them, something like "killed for his FRIENDLY/HOSTILE behavior" So you will know what the wall does not like
A tip that serves no purpose. The mimics that hides in chest, you can also whistle(have not tried other emotes) at the chest to make them come out faster, instead of opening the chest.


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Is there any way to se that there is an mimic in the chest? Or are you suppost to whistle at every chest you whant to open?


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chests that have 3 decorations on the corners are mimics the ones that have 2 decorations are normal chests
these secrets arent secret
my secret for all i kill all enemies around before i go to please the nurikabe then i splatter their blood on him to show he has no master to serve and then do the be quiet gesture and have a 8/10 chance of success...
Check your grammar.


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Was hoping to see some proper secrets or little-known stuff along the lines of the abilities dropped by the Master Ninja. That is to say, the boss fought in that mission will occasionally drop an alternative grapple ability and a ninjutsu (#nospoil) along with his set items. Anyone know any tidbits and abilities along those lines you can get?