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She's wearing so much clothing... What happened to you Team Ninja? Oh right, Itegaki...
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During the boss fight against her, switching weapons and stances is very effective. I found a low-stance Kusarigama to be most effective in her first phase, as it's very fast and good at punishing her moves and stunlocking her. In her second phase, the spear is better because it can be used to inflict more damage when punishing her dive-kicks. It also lowers her Ki very quickly.
Sword users will have an easy time here. The simple trick is to use Haze, the mid-stance parry, and just bait out her attacks. She has little in the way of mix-ups and her main slash attacks have a long start-up with a charge animation, making these easy parries. If you have Haze II, that means you get a free counter into a critical, or grapple if she runs out of stamina in the process. Just block and space yourself accordingly and this'll be an easy fight.
As a ninja build, I found kunai to be a major weakness of hers. If you've got kunai to burn, don't spam them all at once, or she'll get hit by the first and then dodge the others. Basically, she will dodge right after you hit her with one, so after throwing one, wait until she finishes her dodge, then throw your next kunai. Once you get the rhythm down, rinse and repeat until you're out of kunai or she's defeated. Thanks to having 21 kunai, and a bunch of ninjitsu buffs, I never had to engage her in melee.
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The actual fight seems to differ by a large margin from what is seen in the video above.



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Ya a lot of Nioh wiki things are still missing.
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she was the easiest boss. easier then a normal demon. Just hit her like vs a revenant till she has no KI and then grapple. repeat. she was defeat in like 30sec.
This hoe is a joke. Beat her weebo *** in a few nanoseconds.
You should be the one baiting her, she is good at countering and moving. You will take more damage if you pursue her recklessly. Her guardian spirit buff is a great opening for melee attacks. It's also good to spam some Kunai or shuriken if she is low stamina and out of your melee reach. You can knock her down or tire her. Side dodges are great against her. Just let her do her stuff, come in on openings, then when her stamina is low, be more aggressive and spam throwable if needed to drain her ki.