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I got 2 pieces of this set from the mission with the Raikiri. "The Spirit Stone Slumbers"
My friend got the blue print from the 3rd main mission, idk if it was a drop, but I beat it last night and didn't get it, does anyone know if the blueprint is a drop only???
They are a random drop as well as being able to be crafted, after a certain level they all the parts are very common. I must have had 15 full sets ranging through all the quality levels. If you find lots of Graves in a mission just farm them and you will get kitted out in no time.
I found the smith text for the armor but i need the ones for the bow and katana. I think we should be able to find them in the mission "the spirit stone slumbers" or fighting him
The smithing text for this set has a chance to drop from the final boss of "The Spirit Stone Slumbers".
Got 3 pieces of this set on the lvl 20 twilight mission An Ominous Cavern. Dropped from one of the guys that comes out of the red graves all by themselves.
I got every single piece of the set and weapon. The area with the stone soldiers. When you get to the part that the girl follows you, just keep summoning players and between you and her, kill them in about 15 to 25 seconds. Had the whole set in less than 15 min without taking damage. Also levels up 4 times to. You can farm so many items with her helping you.
Second island first main mission every phantom has it on summon them kill them collect reward full purple set and an op sword