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4 words...
F**king poison fan timing
If you want to.... you can... Get centipede to follow you to the ladder, climb up quickly, fall attack - as it walks underneath, go to ladder again... repeat. This also makes it easy to deal with poison as you are by the air cleaner :)
NG+ this boss is just a tedious HP sponge, what the *****.
I've killed this boss dozens of times to farm fangs and I've never had a problem with the poison. It does so little damage and antidotes drop all over the place.
A strategy that worked for me was as soon as the fight started, I ran up the ladder and across the planks around to the rock ledge on the left (from entrance) side of the chamber. Then I baited him into doing his ground slam, and then used high-stance heavy attacks until he died. I was able to block all of his spitting (the rock took all my ki, but it recharged before he could attack again). Only time I took damage was when he spit 2 Paralysis in a row and then a rock. I don't know if my armor added resistance, but if I blocked, one poison/paralysis spit wasn't enough to afflict their debuff.
Jumping onto him deals tons of damage. But prolongs the duration of the fight. Because, baiting can be time consuming.
can anyone tell me the name of the song that plays for this boss fight?


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It's this -
Quite easy boss. Just have a lot of antidotes and antiparalysis neddles ready, and its done.
This is a battle that needs lock on removed. If you find yourself missing constantly because you target the head, and the head way out of reach, best to de lock on and hit the body. If you don't want to play around with the fan, the drop attacks from ledges...etc, you should prep your spirit and use living weapon. It's best to stay at his tail so his paralysis breath won't get you. That's really something in living weapon state. It will waste a lot of the meter.