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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Does anything happen if your side wins?
You get glory as a reward, I got like 10,000 last week.
as of right now, some of them are in the wrong categories
Just saying that some of these are wrong. Shimazu, Toyotomi, Takeda, Oani, Matsunaga, Mori as well as a couple others are all white clans. I understand the game is new but just letting you know.
Colour changes by week
As usual, the Wiki is completely worthless. This tells me nothing that I cannot learn in-game and some of the information is wrong.
Then fix them. The game is less than a week old. Wikis don't get created by magic.
I'm from 3 years in the future, and this wiki is still almost barebones. The problem is I can't contribute because I literally come to wikis to look up information that I don't already know. And by the time I learn it, I forget that I can write what I learned in the wiki (even then, the things I learn are things other people can learn by playing through the game normally as well, I don't do testing or min-maxing or whatever.) Nothing we can do, it's been years since the game came out, and it wasn't popular before, it's not popular now. No one is contributing, so it will remain barebones probably forever.
Clan colors change and aren't set in stone


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The Division of Clans by color needs to be removed and clans need to be listed in an alphabetic order IMO because as is now known Clan "Camp" color changes weekly.