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How do you get the Sanada armor and Nioh armor DLC?
Its pre-order
At any shrine just look for the [Boons] item, it will give you all the dlc items you have access to
They both were pre-order bonus items. They could be released in the store in a future update for purchase. Other than cosmetics, you really aren't missing much.
Any clue when the new stories coming out?
the nioh and sanada armors was pre-orders
The normal nioh set is from deluxe edition, Sanada and I do believe gold nioh set is from preorder.
*"Bonus menu", not "Boons menu".
Boons is the correct menu.
Wrong buddy boons is correct not bonus
Yep it is boons. Condescending fella



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Literally says Boons.
Have you played Nioh or are just here assuming what it actually says which is clearly Boons
So, i had a lot of fun with nioh but after you reach a certain point in the game i don't find it challenging any more. You are simply overpowered no matter which Set or weapons u use. And once u besten ng+ there is nothing left to do except of farming smithing Texts or better gear. But even without the highest gear ur too overpowered. That's really sad because the game itself is awesome. Hope they add some New content and maybe ng +++
Games end, you know?
Yes i know. But in comparison to dark souls theres no reason to even Do ng+ because you are simply overpowered after a certain time. Theres no challenge an you could stand up against all yokai AT the same time. They should have added some armor and weapons that You can only obtain for beating ng+. Really really sad. I mean i Put a lot of hours in nioh but if i compare it to ds its just Not as motivating.
Iwnt ng++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ plz
This game suck.No challenge just a spam of abilitys,Magics,insane damage builds.No teamwork coop usless.
This criticism is amazing and deserves a billion gold stars.
And so is *****ing Dark Souls. I can't even tell you how bloody busted magic/faith builds are, it's just that Nioh made it really easy to get.
Sounds like someone hasnt actually played the game. You wont have good enough gear to one shot tough enemies until NG++ or higher.... First pkaythrough is challenging even if you spam abilities.
Are you stupid or what? Nioh's build system is more complicated and the skills you choose to learn define your combat style. Buffs and magical items are there to support you (well duh, welcome to the world of RPGs) so don't blame them if you are dumb enough to battle raw.
is their a amrita glitch for patch 1.08 yet?
need a amrita glitch for patch 1.08
No, because it's easier to farm end game levels on Way of the Strong with Amrita boosting sake and guardians. It was superior to the old method of "Get guy stuck in wall for twelve hours" as well. On top of that, recent updates nerfing the level cap to actually having a cap means it's pointless to even farm that high when you can out DPS everything by 200.