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Video doesnt even show the fact the fight starts with 3 adds. Fail
if you light all the fires they die as they spawn



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There's no good reason to go in there with the adds. That's what lighting the fires in the mission is for.
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Typical idiot scrub. You whine cause you have to do something besides mash square with low stance dual katana.

If you took 5 minutes to light the fires before the boss, like the game tells you to do, you don't have to fight the adds at all.
Definantly the*****tiest boss in this game, has a basically untelegraphed one hit.
Yeah, found that out myself. Decided it was time to take a nap afterwards. Lol. That bastard.
You can light your weapon on fire with the 3 fire shrine inside the boss arena by the way.
Using the fire shrines inside the boss arena extinguishes the fire and seems to allows the adds to spawn in phase 2
So a boss literally made entirely of water is weak to fire? Someone want to explain the logic here?



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The boss controls the water, the big yellow ball is the actual boss.
i know right i tried using lighting on him.. and no bonus dmg so far..
water is a purifying element in the culture so is fire you use one element to purify the other that is the only thing i can think of
Use Hykotto Mask up close. Umi-Bozu won't be able to hit you, and you will do massive damage with each use. 3 to 5 mask uses will kill the boss in about 30 seconds.
whenever I go into this fight all three fires go out after only a few secconds @ @ its making this fight hell
thats probably because you are using them to light your weapon on fire... dont do that... instead use amulets and ninjitsu skill
You only need to use one. It will last Almost the whole fight. Torch buff is pretty intense. Better than talisman.
Hes the 7th boss you have to fight btw, not the 8th.
so i see a lot of people whine about this boss... he is the easiest boss if you ask me... all his moves are telegraphed. make sure all 3 fires are lit... dont use the fires to light your weapon so no adds spawn on last phase... make sure you have fire talismans... soon as he pops his arms out hit the right stick left or right watch the yellow ball move up his arm soon as it gets to the top dodge and then start beating the arm down... usually it will take 6-8 arm slams to get it into the last phase after that its cake... just keep your distance and dodge when he slams or lunges and make sure you dont get pushed off the platform when he jumps and spreads out.. there are so many open windows to attack that i dont see how people dont learn
The problem i'm having is it just combos its death-beam at the worst times imaginable, plus the arena is surrounded by instant death, and if there is even one mob on the platform then the difficulty escalates. Umi-Bozu has too much access to instant-kill scenarios.
It’s not that he’s hard- he’s a joke- it’s just boring and kind of crap looking.
If you can you should bring water stop talismans to this fight, his big blast attack was one shotting me if it hit but with a talisman I could take a hit and be left with about 1/4 health