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How to upgrade from +5
i cant seem to upgrade mine past +5
Are you using the other flame
Make sure it is the pyromancy normal and not dark
If you have enough Fire Seeds, you can upgrade to +10.

Maybe it's a system thing? I got it there on x360, with SOTFS.
What if you sold it by accident
You can only get one Pyromancy Flame per NG cycle without trading with other players.
Go to NG+ sadly :(
i been to NG+, but sadly the chest were empty :(
Get the dark flame out of the gutter and stay hollowed?
Missed the chest first go round, I've gone back to No Man's Wharf, but boat's gone... Any way to get it now? Aside from going NG+?
Ring the bell again to callthe ship.
OP here - holy sheets, someone replied, I am actually amazed. Thanks, Anon! Boat returned to No Man's Wharf after a few hours in-game on its own. Perhaps killing The Lost Sinner was also necessary? Either way, I got it now! I actually found the Dark Pyromancy Flame item first tho, LOL. The joys of going in mostly blind...
You can summon Fireballs, Firestreams and mighty Firestorms but you can't lit Torches or Scones...
Use a torch you *
Just use a torch *


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to the above replies he is speaking about logic pyromancies don't work on torches or scones
Scones are a thick breakfast bread typically served with coffee. Sconces are wall lights (probably what you are lookong for).
To the 01 December 2019 replies. I still can't believe there're braindeads like you in the souls community
@Jul 3rd - It seems only degenerate fanbois are left of the core community.

I'll add - i can't light things on fire with a fire arrow either
Something interesting is that, make it poison infusion will have higher fire damage. With 99 Intelligence and 99 faith, it comes about 800 fire damage. You need cheat engine to make it come true, it's weird but funny. It also works to other chimes or staves.
Wow, using CE to hack the game leads to unexpected results! Who woulda thunk!
To the imbecile hater above, a large amount of information on wikis like this was optained with the use of Cheat Engine. Or are you saying that is also inappropriate? Seriously though, why are there still people like this guy, getting hard-triggered just from seeing the word "Cheat Engine"?
because there is no reason to hack and we dont like playing against cheaters its unfun and destroys the whole purpose of the game, which we paid for. if you want to explore there are tons of info as you said already "obtained". so it is inappropriate, people who use it online should get banned whether you get offended by that or not
Nobody said anything about using it in pvp...
No stat requirements, huh? Guess we're all meant to be caster builds, whether we like it or not
It still has fire damage scaling, which means investing in int and/or faith for best results.
Yeah but flame swathe doesn't need scaling to be ridiculous
I mean attunement is a thing...