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can anyone tell me how this works? so i use guard at the last second or do i have to break there guard and use my guard? please explain in detail....i kinda picked sword for this move alone, and i cannot figure out how to use this skill.
Same Problem here, never actually got it to work. Kinda sucks right now. Even the skills after that: Backwave and Backwave II seem somewhat broken and not function properly
So I have to get rid of their ki (which tends to break their guard) and then use this skill to break their guard...? That doesn't sound very useful, I was hoping for more of "does a ton of ki damage to blocking opponents to probably break their guard from like half ki because late in the game nothing really cares much if you bash their guard with an silly little katana"


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Successfully pulling of the move deals a significant amount of damage (roughly that of a grapple or a Killing Strike) plus it leaves them open to a Killing Strike afterwards. The problem is that unlike a lot of other skills, Tempest requires a bit of setting up.

I personally try to use Tempest when I see that my enemy has 1/4 stamina left and is staying defensive. If I have more than 50% stamina, I just spam attacks in mid or low stance until their guard shatters.

Also, have a look at Sword Ki. I think it's exactly the skill you're looking for.