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By Agurzil
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Please be a weapon with dark that can be buffed with dark weapon/resin.
By Anonymous
I want to believe
By Anonymous
They will probably add a lighting self-buff, lol
By Anonymous
They most likely won't do that because dark dam does more on stuff alive, aka, us ashes
By Anonymous
I know that it can be upgraded to +10, so it should be buffable with resin or dark weapon miracle
By Anonymous
I hope that it really is a small scythe, but in the bits of gameplay I saw (assuming that is what the murky man was holding) it looked like another shotel.
By Anonymous
It gas ben shown in yt: it looks like the harper. Its a small shotel with the moveset of knives and quickstep. It doesn't deal dark damage. Range and AR arte*****. This weapon seems totally useless.
By Anonymous
it does have dark damage, but it's only 22 base with E/E scaling. Useless, considering you need to be at the end of the game to access the dlc
By Anonymous
with these comments you 2 guys are pushing the limit of how noob someone can be
By Anonymous
It can be buffed, by the way. Tested with Blessed Weapon.

Not sure if that makes it worth it because I have no idea about the scalings, but it is something. A fast, buffable weapon with inherent Dark damage and quickstep.
By Anonymous
Is this little sickle down with the Reapers just because it has "Scythe" in its name? It has the exact same moveset as the Harpe, so shouldn't it be up with the daggers? It feels like whoever made this entry only saw the name and wanted to be the first to add it to the Wiki without even bothering to use it first.

Makes me wish I knew how to edit the Wiki so I could move it to its proper category.
By Anonymous
I thought the Harpe was actually itself a tiny scythe and thus incorrectly included as a dagger.
By Anonymous
This weapon gets the hexer seal of approval. It does a significant amount of damage if you buff its already present dark damage with a dark gem infusion, allowing you do a crap ton of damage in just a few seconds thanks to its dagger move set. Ontop of all of that, it also has flashstep as a weapon skill; what more could you asl for?
By Anonymous
It could look cooler.
By Anonymous
Nope, turned out not so great in comparison to other knives. Fun thing is when you infuse it with chaos gem it gives more damage output that dark gem (tested on I/F 40/40)
By Anonymous
Regarding the chaos infusion having higher AR than the dark infusion, that applies to pretty much any weapon at high upgrade levels. Same thing with the crystal and lightning infusions... I forget which one does more, but one of them does. I think the reason for this is that fire resistance is more common than dark resistance, so they gave the chaos infusion a little higher inherent damage. Regardless, it's not that big a difference, and going with chaos infusion on this thing might actually be worse due to the triple split damage it would create.
By Anonymous
wondering if i should infuse with a dark gem, or sharp gem so i can buff it with dark blade… hmm i'll probably end up doing both. looks like it gets good scaling on both sharp and dark, so that's awesome.
By Anonymous
Be careful. Dark blade does not scale with catalysts as it should... You would expect to use Caitha's chime or the sunset talisman while using dark blade, but they don't improve that miracle at all. It's not clear as to whether this is bugged or not (probably is). As such it might be better to just forget about buffing altogether and go with the dark infusion... you'd have to crunch the numbers for your particular build though.
By Anonymous
infused it with sharp. at +10 60 dex, 25 int, 99 faith, the AR is 599 when buffed with dark blade from yorshka's chime+10, wow.
By Anonymous
AR is harder to compare when dealing with split damage, would need to use actual damage numbers.
By Anonymous
Oki, with the dark cluth ring sharp +10 and the same stats i listed it is 325 AR that is 133 + 126 phys, 44 +22 dark (including clutch ring) when I add dark blade with yorshka's chime it goes to 582, when i put on the blindfold mask it goes to 599. With this set up in pvp I was hitting for 236 a piece on the 1HR1s against heavy armored opponents, against light armor 2HR1s did about 315 a piece and i could stunlock them and tear apart their health super fast and OMG the quick steps are super awesome, i have never used them in this game, never used daggers tbh, but they go circles around big slow weapons, and if you see a big shield, the R2s go right through it I could do like 350 with the 2HR2s and man the combos stack up real high, real good at putting the pressure on your opponent. This is a sweet weapon.
By Anonymous
Its literally Harpe with Dark damage
By Anonymous
It has quick step, which is a pretty big deal
By Anonymous
the bleed and poison infussions are wayyy better too.
if any thing its a huge upgrade
By Anonymous
Does it have the shield piercing properties of the harpe?
By Anonymous
Dex/faith builds can maximize the damage of it: sharp infusion + Dark blade (with Yorskha's chime).
Hexer builds (45 int/faith) can use it too to have a faster weapon than Onyx Blade; in that case, dark infusion is the way to go, cause Dark Blade, even if its a dark miracle, doesnt get any bonus from Caitha's Chime or Sunless talisman, and Yorskha's Chime doesnt have good scaling with this set up.
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The heavy infusion with 40str actually gets slightly higher AR than the sharp infusion with 40dex, odd as it may seem.
By Anonymous
heavy 2h with 27str and 60 faith buffed with yorshkas and add the blindfold mask for some nice 519AR
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