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By Anonymous
i met a guy using this weapon when i was invading gank city, whenever i saw him i just decided to hide from him, so that MHS could never touch me , he also did bow glitch which is very cool! Power to you and happy invading L!
By Anonymous
Top ten weapons the PKCS **** was too afraid to diss.
By Anonymous
R1 spam, quickstep, dung pies and point downs.

You're likely to experience all of the above from players that enjoy using this weapon.
By Anonymous
Kinda cringe bro ngl
By Anonymous
There are two reasons someone would pull out a murky:

1: You're being really annoying and they're getting tired of it
2: They still live in their parent's basement
By Anonymous
Kinda wanna do a build where I dual wield murkies

D'you think the weapon stops being so toxic as long as you don't two hand it?
By Anonymous
Lack of skill required ahead
By Anonymous
Psst. Hey. Main hand mail breaker with offhand curved greatsword. R1 spam with the mail breaker when they're near and poise with the CGS when you know they're gonna attack.

Now I must dramatically slink back into the shadows, good luck out there
By Anonymous
People that complain about this
weapon are pathetic. I win duels against it with a partizan.
By Anonymous
Gave me WNT activated Medulloblastoma
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