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A pyromancy weapon catalyst? thats awesome!
Pyromancer's are getting so much cool stuff this DLC! Two new spells, a weapon catalyst and pyromancy themed armor!!! Can't wait to try out all these toys :D really hope the Demon's Scar looks as cool as it sounds!
so this belongs to the last thing that lit the flame of izalith?
E P I C !
What KIND OF WEAPON are we talking...sword,axe,spear, claw, which one?
A curved sword, apparently.
W00T. Love curved swords...hope its more fire based damage than anything else
So does this mean I can do sword and board pyro without switching out pyro for shield?
Hope this is strong as the normal pyro flame...
It cant be as strong as the pyro flame, obviously, or pyro flame wouldnt have sense anymore. It will be like Immolation tinder or heysel's weapon, which are weapons and good catalysts too, but outclassed by pure catalysts.
As long as it's viable for attack pyros and not just inner strength or cathus beacon and done...
I hope this isn't parting flame 2.0 in terms of casting. I hope it's a unique catalyst. Was kinda hoping for a darkflame pyromancy flame.