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By Anonymous
Ironically (and stupidly), magic shield doesn't work on this paired greatshield.
By Anonymous
Its a door silly.
By Anonymous
GFOD Shield aka Great F*ck Off Door Shield
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
"Kids are cruel, Ashen One, and I'm very in touch with my inner child."
By Anonymous
It's fun fighting people who use this. I can almost hear their disappointment when I tear them down with my Dark infused Whip.
By Anonymous
objectively the most based weapon / shield
By Anonymous
based on what
By Anonymous
Based on deez nuts! Lmao gottem!
By Anonymous
The second l1 attack is so fun, and actually catches people off-guard sometimes aswell. They'll try to exploit the opening after your l1, but instead of getting a free hit, you reel back while they take their swing, and then smush them between your doors, turning them into a vertical pancake.
By Anonymous
*Door does not open from this side"
By Anonymous
Imagine being Gael, you survived the end of the world and get defeated by some dude using fuxking doors
By Anonymous
whos naked, rolling around, and has a name of "SCROTUMN1PLOL"
By imaweebpleasehelp
imagine being andre, just smacking the estoc you've been smacking for eons, and then the unkindled walks up to you and slams two huge *** doors onto your anvil and tells you to reinforce them to +10 and infuse them with a heavy gem
By Anonymous
Tumblebuffed this thing with hidden weapon and it's the funniest thing I've ever seen. Looks like I'm a drunk pushing people to death XD
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