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Bets on its weight?
15 I say
50. this shield is by far the largest in the game
i guess it will weight 32


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When you come to it
And you can't go through it
And you can't knock it down
You know that you've found
No one on earth can make it fall
When you want to copy Ds2 orma and reeve greatshield combo style but cant because its from Ds2
The shield combo was only missing the ability to iron-wall block with both shields. I really hope they get it right this time, i think that was the only thing stopping the DS2 shield combo from being functionally good
Bruam at your service
The Wall Make Lothric Great Again
I am for some reason excited for this shield the most.
They tried and failed to do dual shields meant for offense in DS2 (granted they were ok, just not good enough)

I really want this to be a success. Look forward to this weapon most
The tracking of the dual shield in dark souls 2 was surprisingly well but it fell short on its overall damage. dark souls 2 version seemed to only count the damage of 1 shiels when dual wielding the 2 of them.
Aside from having a perfect sweetspot (if you did hit with it, its damage was not half bad, but you had to be positioned very specifically), i also wish it had the ability to iron-wall defend (block with both shields, ideally with much more stability)
Advertisement pops up on this page for RF shielded doors. Fantastic idea comes to mind for a build , sunlight spear and THE DOOR.
Me thinks I need a new character named Hodor for this weapon.