What does status ailments relieved (purification) mean?
When you purify yokai corruption any status ailment you have is removed.
"Wind: Lowers the target's break-resistance and parry"
Is this true?
I noticed that when fighting Tengus and Mitsunari whenever I get the wind debuff I do way lower damage.
Blustered (Wind de-buff) definitely reduces the damage you deal. Just tested.
intersting, the circle of counter element is exactly opposite to naruto lol
Do Poison and Paralysis count as elemental? Meaning that applying those two at the same time give the enemy the Confusion effect?
Can the defense reduction caused by water element be stacked with the effect of the onmyo magic "weakness"?
If you join the clan that allows you do deal extra damage to enemies with status ailments, does that include enemies set on fire?


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This part of the wiki is *******: enemies are in fact to weak or resistant to certain elements. Check the in game "amrita memories" dedicated to the yokais : if you press r2 (i think) it shows you some stats of each enemies. It clearly states which elements the yokai is vulnerable or resistant too.

It is also important to note that the resistances do not necessarily follow the order stated in the wiki. For example, a enemy that is weak to fire doesn't necessarily have to be resistant to water or earth. Some enemies are weak and/or resistant to more than one element.

I have personally checked some of those. for example, the lesser umi bozous (the water thingies) can be one shotted by the onmyo magic fire projectile. Any other element does miuch less damage, except water, which does 0 or a negligible amount.
Id add that small Bombs 1 shot them as well.. Any of the Ninjitsu, or items use ones. Kayaku-Dama, and Horoku-Dama..

And you are absolutely correct!
Removed the "Wind is bright green" bit and changed it to just green because it's the only green element
poison damage is dark green
Poison is Green as well... While it doesnt show green numbers during attack, it does DoT in Dark Green
ya mom is dark green
Why not add the names of the 5 diifferent debuffs, muddled, scorched, etc....
i have no idea wut everything means
Me neither. I can't stop laughing. Best comment ever :)