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So wind is just a way better version of fire?
The wind description is wrong. It lowers the target's break-resistance and parry. The jpn nioh twitter account posted that.
Updated the Wind description
Certain Status effects can be comboed, to create a more power status effect
If you use wind on someone who is on fire, it causes the fire to do more damage. That sort of thing
One thing that I'm trying to understand is a colored ying yang effect. I used fire and water and they hade this pickish arua around them and there was fire water and a red blue ying yang on there for effect symble. Unsure what it means but cool all the same.
Its called discord, not quite sure what it does though. Look up Fightingcowboy in YouTube, He has a neat guide about this. Nioh for starters or something like that
can paralysis stack with any of the elemental damages? I have water on my sword and it hasn't seemed to work since i switched to the Itokuri guardian which gives paralysis. can someone confirm?
Unfortunately I think it replaces the weapon elemental effect. So it is designed more for non-elemental weapons.
I've noticed the same thing. I really liked the other bonuses that spirit provided, and thought the Paralysis would be fun also. Instead it hamstrings all elemental weapons.
You can only have 1 elemental buff on your weapon at a time
Anyone know if there are elemental strengths and weaknesses? I haven't figured it out but I'm pretty sure water is weak against fire which first threw me off.
Well Umi-Bozu is SUPER weak to water, people are talking about just taking him out with the firespitting mask consumable items for crying out loud. But it seems to be a two way street, since Wheel Monks are vulnerable to Water. Hino-enma is vulnerable to Lightning and resistant to Wind, and does Wind/Paralysis damage.
Yes and the games tells you them. Go to the map and push the pad go over to "Amrita Memories" then "Yokai Illustrations". Now find tje monster in question and puch R2.
i think water do not stack elemental build up, but your damage increase everytime you hit the enemy
not sure if the increment works with poison/fire though
absolutely incorrect.
Wind decreases the damage that enemies do to you by about half as well.
Does the "VS. Yokai Realm" property boost your damage against Yokai in the real world? Or does it only work when you're in the Yokai Realm?
It just reduces the ki meltdown that happens when you're inside the yokai realm
Yokai realm means the glowing white circles they put on the ground to regenerate their ki
Yokai realm is he abberation pool that spawns from yokai attacks example Yoki(big red demon)'s ground pound
I don't know how to format it correctly. Can someone add:

-Lowers the effects of Medicine and drastically lowers guard
-Can be inflicted with Dung Ball usable item

This is the stinky stuff that you walk in/enemies walk in in that one level in the ninja area of the world map.