It is very simple, when she dives (first attack of the fight) roll to left, then attack her and roll back. When she does waves, roll to left to dodge after you hear her *grunt* sound. When she does anything melee, don't go in for the hit it's a trap. Except when she does the wing melee attacks, you can safely get few hits after her moveset.

When she goes aerial, same thing, dodge everything to the left and for shuriken you can just keep running to left no dodge needed and avoid all shuriken throws. When she ends the aerial she does another dive, dodge and get in hits.

Rinse and repeat. I did this boss, second try without getting hit more than one time and that was when she was aerial I didn't know what to expect.

And I used low stance for all my hits and rolling never actually changing stance.
Got some general tips for those interested in a safer way to beat her.
Stay around 1 roll distance away at all times.
~ Whenever she goes for her Paralysis Wave, she will give an audio clue. Dodge in middle or low stance (double tap dodge to be sure but once you get the timing, a singe dodge is all it takes) when the audio clue is over. After doing it once, you should get a better idea of the timing. After the Wave, you can always close the distance by dodging towards her once and followup with an attack (mid of low stance) or simply dash and strike. All weapons but the Axe can get 2 free, safe hits (the kusa low stance combo is not safe unless you know exactly when to stop). The axe gets 1. Dodge back once afterwards.
~ If she run towards you, she will either do the combo, umbrella combo, Wingspin combo or grab. whatever the case, dash away and left or right and wait to see what she does.
~ If she uses her normal combo, stay just out of range to see if she will do the final attack (a downwards kick). If she does, you can get a full spear, sword or duals heavy combo, 2 heavy attacks with the axe or 2 heavy hits withe kusarigama (low stance is a bit tricky here again, for me at least). If she doesn't you can still get 2 free quick hits on her (or one with the axe) before backing off.
If she does the umbrella combo, wait for a final blow where she puts the umbrella in front of her. Beware cause she can do that final move at any time after the combo is over so if she doesn't perform it, you take a chance by attacking. The umbrella causes paralysis too. Sometimes she likes to start the combo with this move, then attack twice and sometimes finish with it again. Generally it is not safe to attack her when she uses the umbrella (who would think umbrellas could be this dangerous?) cause at the first encounter, generally her two hits will stun and she will finish you off with the grab. Later, with proper paralysis resistances, it is somewhat safer.
~ Her Dive Attack (she can do it on the ground as well, the wiki is wrong there...) has her pull a backflip before charging. It is slower than it looks so wait for her to actually start flying at you before dodging. You can also block this one if it gives you trouble and you'll take no dmg (it may take away all ki, but you will recover before she does). If you dodge it, you can get 3 (or 4 if you feel you've got her timing right) safe hits with the sword, duals or spear but only 2 with the axe and 3 with the kusarigama.
~ If she does the Wingspin, either keep dashing away or, if you weren't already, backstep once, wait a second and back dash again. You can then attack her for a full heavy combo with all weapons but the axe (give her 2 only if you wanna be safe).
~ If she tries the grab, keep moving and it will miss (the reach is not good and it is rather slow) then attack till you see her putting her tongue(s?) back in the mouth before backing off again.
~ When she goes up, always hold block and wait. She will either give the audio cue for the Paralysis Wave or throw her shuriken.
Dodge the wave as you would if she was on the ground and simply block the shuriken (she throws 2 times, 3 shuriken each). If you have projectiles like kunai or shuriken (or can quickscope her like a badass) one or two hits will be enough to knock her down but if you want to play safe, you can wait for her to come down on her own. She comes down in two ways. Either a normal Dive attack (deal with it like you would a ground Dive attack) or a special variation if you are closer where she will stomp the ground and pollute the area around her, then do a backflip and get into position. You can attack once or twice here bu the recovery from this one seems faster than the normal Dive Attack (it doesn't look like it but I've been having trouble safely landing a combo on her after this one).
~ Whenever she falls down, beware. Don not pull more than one combo on her cause she likes to wake up with a stronger version of her grab.

Hope this helps.
Yokai water pots make this boss fight a breeze. She literally can't move while in a Yokai realm.
Good tip, where can I get more pots?
And here I haven't used a single Yokai pot for the entire game, because the logical step is to assume that spawning a Yokai zone would be counterproductive against like 90% of enemies.
I think the best advice when fighting her would be: this is not Bloodborne, you can run while you target someone. Don't dodge, run away from her and keep medium distance you can quickly cover. If you start to run away when she attacks and towards her to do 1-2 hits once she misses, this fight becomes as easy as killing an ordinary skeleton. Also, don't dodge her projectiles/dive move, run in a circle around her, it allows to avoid them completely, even kunai. The key to winning this fight is to constantly move back and forth. After dying 20 times trying to play like Bloodborne, I finally realized my mistake and killed her without taking a single hit.
this boss is a *****ing *****


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Wear VS. Paralysis armor, use lightning talisman, VS. Paralysis omamori charms (if you own it), low stance spear, when 1/3 health left, use living weapon
If you are having troubles with the controls, this is the perfect fight to train them. Is constantly dash, dodge, attack when you see an attack window, and use ki pulses to recover.
Anyone know what I can do to not die in 2 hits from her light attack? her strong hits kill me in 1 and after watching others playtbrough I'm so confused at how they can take so many hits
She will still 3 shot you at best no matter what you wear at this point in the game. My advice is wear archers set that you find during this mission as it greatly resists paralysis and focus on dodging
Fun fact: If you manage to throw a shuriken at her directly at the start of the fight during her charge up she will fall down and grant you some free hits right at the start of the fight. You have to hit her while charging though.
Take note of the sound, this boss will shout before she does certain moves, like her charge. It will help you time dodges. Constantly circling her also helps against her pesky blasts or charges. Try to dodge near her, get her once or twice, then back up. It's risky to get caught w her paralysis. Once you get ki is almost out, use living weapon to drain her ki and stun lock her. Throwing somthing at her when she flies is also extremely useful. ( Kunai or shuriken are easy to use)