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PROTIP: The Archer Set that you can find in various places throughout the caverns has high paralysis resistance. Her attacks will still hurt, but they'll rarely actually paralyze you. If you have the Ogress Mask, use that too, as it's great against paralysis. If you can't find all the pieces of it, it sometimes drops from the Oni and One-Eyed Oni near the Shrine. Wearing this will make this fight MUCH less frustrating.
Is anyone else having trouble unlocking extra "lore" for her? I've beater her 3 times now, and I haven't unlocked the part which requires you to beat her 2x times
I recieved a smithing text for a special helm after unlocking all of the lore for this boss, idk why, but I didn't get anything from unlocking all of Onryoki's lore.


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Can parry dive attack and both melee combos. Has a hilarious anime girl startled sound when parried.
honestly don't know how anyone can beat this boss. i'm 15 tries in and keep getting killed within seconds of starting the fight. learning to dodge her is next to *****ing impossible for me apparently



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She's very fast, but also predictable. Her moves are telegraphed quite a bit. If you can summon a helper she gets much more distracted.
Make sure your weight is under 50%. If it's more than that's way too difficult to dodgez
Like it says above, try to stay very close to her. If you back away to heal, she has time to shoot you with that purple paralysis orb. The best strategy (to melee) is to stay close and heal when she starts the three kick routine. Block a lot! I use dual swords, so I block her attacks and follow up with a spinning (triangle) attack in high stance. When she flew away, I shot her with my bow and she went nuts trying to suck my blood. It took me about 8 - 10 tries, but I finally got her. I farmed the crap out of the guys near the hot spring for arrows and elixirs.
Use Windstream technique. Dual swords. High stance. It'll become way too easy, as Windstream initiates from Guard position.
Single best, crazy easy approach is to use Windstream technique with Dual Swords in High Stance. Nutso easy.
I have found that fire also works well against her. Bombs and fire talismans are what I used for most of the fight.


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I tried her last night and was killed immediately. Can someone suggest a level to be able to take her down without loosing 50% HP each time she hits you.
I was 26. Passed her 30 minutes ago on my 6th try. I am using kusarigama. Mid stance only. Light armor (ninja). Used kunai, poison blades (never used it) power pills and anti-paralysis pills. It's not that hard. Just remember 2 hits and Dodge dodge dodge.
Fun fact: if you throw a kunai/shuriken at her while she's in the air you can easily make her fall down and get some free hits. Also, using Paralysis Charms (recommend two) makes the paralysis effect wear off a lot faster, sometimes negating it entirely.