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Here to remind you that there's nothing wrong with soul/item duplicating as long as you have already beaten the game legit. Save the grinding for real life
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phalanx in painted world on NG+7 with maxed equip and overkill by fire tempest give you around 30000 souls per run, fastest run is 32 sec, so its around 3000000 souls per hour including fails like death, missing kills etc
on 300 lvl you need 800k souls to level up
By Anonymous
I'm level 180 with nearly 300 hours on my first playthrough. I've farmed a lot. The Covetous Silver Serpent Ring has never once boosted my souls at all. I've tested this thoroughly on many occasions, many times. It does boost item discovery but, not souls. Is there something I'm missing?
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2 things:

Or you're using the covetous gold serpent ring, or your game is bugged
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Yeah, question: I'm currently trying to grind enough souls to buy Orensteins armor (I've already bought the chest plate), and upgrade my strength so that it becomes a medium or light roll usage. However, I only have a short amount of time per day, an hour, and I'd rather not spend a ton of time grinding. Any locations in general that yield massive amounts of souls, quickly? (I believe my current soul upgrade cost is 22-something thousand souls.)
By Anonymous
Endurance affects rolling with heavy armour not strength